TLC Important Information


Trinity In Transition 

All activities are now resumed at Trinity. Everyone is welcome and we encourage you to worship and join in as part of the Body of Christ in Prescott Valley!


We will continue to utilize our on-line worship with the posting of our message every week. Our goal is to have the message updated by Tuesday of every week. This service is available, not only to those who are unable for whatever reason to have the opportunity to receive God’s Word. 

We are fully open with our regular worship times of 8:00a, and 11:00a and is open to everyone. We encourage you to be respectful of others as you join in worship. Everyone is encouraged to join in fellowship and Bible Study between the services in the Fellowship Hall.  Children's Church (Sunday School) will resume in September. 

We will continue to monitor and review as we go forward. This  has been reviewed and approved by staff and approved by the  Elders.  We are moving forward and while some things have changed, our primary purpose is to preach, teach and confess that Jesus is our Lord and Savior. 


Our leadership is changing through the addition of a new elder and other changes will be coming in the roles of our governing bodies of Trinity Lutheran Church (Council and Elders). They are your elected officials, contact them with any questions or concerns on the direction of this church body. They are you to serve Christ first and are open to listen to all members being transparent in our goals.  


Outside groups are once again utilizing our facilities when they do not interfere with our primary mission to serve the Lord. They are encouraged to be respectful of our mission and comply with whatever safety precautions are deemed necessary by our governing boards.