March 2018 -

Newsletter from Pastor Tim


March Memory Verse God’s Salvation Plan:

Step #4 We don’t treat each other well or obey God’s Commandments. We are sinners

Romans 3:23 “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”

Remember the first 3 steps in sharing your Faith!

Step 1: There is a God and He Loves you! John 3:16

Step 2: How are we to treat each other? The Golden Rule Matthew 7:12

Step 3: What are the summary of the commandments? Matthew 22:36-40

As we enter the month of March and in the middle of the Lenten season, there is day that our society loves to celebrate called St. Patrick Day on March 17th.  Here is the history of St. Patrick from excerpt from the book called Christian History.  “The conversion of the whole country (Ireland), early in the fifth century, is attributed to Patrick, a Brinton. When the Roman legions were withdrawn from Britain for the defense of the Continent, the Irish, then called Scots, began swooping down on the British coast, carrying off plunder and inhabitants whom they enslaved. Among the captives was Patrick. He had been reared a Christian, and his father was a deacon, but Patrick’s religion sat lightly upon him. However, when he was shipped to Ireland and was forced to be a swineherd, he prayed ardently for his release. After six years he managed to escape and found his way to the coast where a ship carrying a cargo of hounds was about to sail for Gaul. Patrick was taken aboard to look after the dogs. On the Continent the company traveled without meeting anyone for days, until the food ran out.   The commander of the company suggested that the Christians among them supplicate his God.  This Patrick did and a drove of pigs appeared. He slipped away and wandered to a monastery.  Several years later he some how managed to make his way to England, the joy of his family at his homecoming turned to dismay when he had a dream he was summoned to return to Ireland with the good news of the Gospel.  He was into training for 14 years. His persistence won, and in 432 he was able to go to Ireland with papal authorization and with the statue of bishop.”   St. Patrick returned to an area which he was mistreated to share the Gospel of Jesus. That is one way to share your faith by returning to a difficult situation to replace ugliness with Jesus!  Our Lenten and Easter theme is pick up your Cross, which is light cross since Jesus had the Big One! 

Caring through Christ, Pastor Tim Blau