LWML NEWS The ladies of LWML have enjoyed their time off since the successful LWML Zone April Rally. In our May Board meeting we voted to supply Bibles to Shepherd’s Table Food Pantry. We are currently searching for a supplier to purchase the Bibles. We are grateful to Lorraine Consoer who obtained a $250.00 grant from Thrivent to help toward the purchase of the Bibles. We are looking for volunteers to assist Charlene Strickland in purchasing snacks once a month for the Humboldt Elementary School for the 2024-2025 school year. If interested please call Charlene for more information. The LWML will be providing concession stand items for breakfast and lunch on Saturday, June 22, 2024 in Skinner Hall, for car model Make and Take hosted by “Where the Eagles Dare Toys & Hobbies” We will need volunteers to work the event as well as baking brownies, cookies, etc. to sell. To the attendees. This could be a good fundraising opportunity for the LWML. The LWML will also help Trinity with an event to honor the financial gift from Margaret (Peggy) Skinner in 2023. The date of the memorial celebration still needs to be confirmed from the Skinner Family. Our next LWML Board meeting will be on Wednesday, June 12th after the morning Bible Study. All the ladies of Trinity welcome to attend. We always appreciate new ideas!

Noisy Collection this Sunday