Worship Times 


Trinity Lutheran Church is complying with National Directives on groups of 10. This was a difficult decision, but with prayerful consideration of our community's health, we believe it is a demonstration of our love for our community. Our services are posted on this website and we encourage your family to worship with us online from your home. May the Lord bless you as we go through this season. We will resume regular worship times once the directive is lifted. 




This Liturgical Service is held in the Sanctuary in traditional Lutheran fashion. The members sing and voice response to Pastor, Deacons and worship leaders using the Lutheran Service Book. Hymns from the LSB are sung with organist accompaniment.

Bible Study 



Adult Bible Study is in Fellowship Hall lower level of the Sanctuary

Blended Worship


This is a blended service with today’s Christian music as well as the old favorites. 
10:00 AM  (Sanctuary) Every month with 5 Sundays we have one unity service. Check our main page for more information
5:30 pm Sanctuary Ash Wednesday and Lenten Services - Check our main page for more information



Parents of Young Children ~ 

Relax! God put the "wiggle" in your children so don't feel that you have to suppress it in God's House. It is helpful to sit toward the front where it is easier for your youngsters to see. We also have children's coloring sheets in the back available for them. Young children learn devotional behavior by copying yours so you're invited to sing and voice responses in Worship yourself. Encourage them to follow the order of woship in the bulletin with you. Remember that the way we welcome children in worship influences the way they respond to God and the household of faith. Let them know that they are welcome in worship. If your child needs a moment to regroup, please take them outside briefly and bring them back to the front when they are ready to try again.